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Biancardo: a spring oil

In the province of Imperia, the whisking of Taggiasca olives can take place between October, in maritime areas, until February / March, close to mountain areas, for very ripe olives.

Once a typical production of the Ligurian Riviera and neighboring France was the so-called “biancardo”, an extremely delicate and sweet spring oil, which takes its name from its color, once much appreciated by the finest palates, today almost completely abandoned the its production.


Obtained from the pressing of extremely ripe olives, harvested in April or even in May, nutritionally poor, therefore deprived of the chemical and organoleptic characteristics that would normally distinguish it; characterized by the almost total absence of fruitiness, with a color tending to pale and milky white.

The sweetness was given by an over-ripening of the fruit which caused it to lose many of the organoleptic characteristics that distinguished it, especially the bitter and spicy. It was an oil that had to be consumed within a few months.

We remember him very much appreciated in Liguria and in nearby Provence.

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