Bipack of Ligurian Pesto of DOP Genoese Basil 130 gr + 130 gr 2 pz

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2 jars of Ligurian Pesto of DOP Genoese Basil – 130 gr + 130 gr.
Our pesto respects the ancient and classic Ligurian recipe, with D.O.P. Genoese basil (only leaves and without stem), extra virgin olive oil, grana cheese, pecorino cheese and garlic.
It is an unpasteurized product able to maintain all the organoleptic characteristics of the typical homemade pesto.
Contained in a convenient “Empty-Easy” jar, excellent to avoid waste during the product extraction phase.

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This delicious recipe, whose origins in Ligurian cuisine date back to the 1800s, is an Italian gastronomic patrimony. Originally used to flavor the minestrone, only in the early twentieth century it becomes a condiment for pasta. Ideal to accompany all types of hard or fresh pasta. It goes perfectly with the typical trofie or the Ligurian trenette and leaves free interpretation to a creative kitchen. Dilute with 2/3 tablespoons of cooking water, add Parmigiano Reggiano and Alberti extra virgin olive oil. Season then cold.

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