Taggiasco Extra Virgin Olive Oil in 5 liter tin

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Although Cultivar Taggiasca extra virgin olive oil does not have a DOP certification, it is still processed from olives coming exclusively from the Ligurian Riviera di Ponente. The organoleptic characteristics are very similar to those typical of Riviera Ligure PDO extra virgin olive oil, as the olives used belong to the same Cultivar and the areas are contiguous.

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This precious unfiltered extra virgin olive oil is called must, because it is decanted naturally, unfiltered and decanted several times to avoid the formation of excessive deposits on the bottom of the bottle. Any minimum sediment indicates the genuineness of the product. The Taggiasca cultivar extra virgin olive oil has a straw yellow color and a medium fruity flavor, with a strong sweet sensation. It goes very well with grilled fish and delicate dishes. Comfortably in a 5-liter tin for all your needs in the kitchen.

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