“Cultivar Taggiasca” olives Tapenade in extra virgin olive oil 170 gr

3.90 Cad.

Our black olives tapenade is a unique and delicate cream, obtained only from “Cultivar Taggiasca” Olives, able to give a great perfume and taste. All exalted by use of high quality extra virgin olive oil.
The cream is contained in a comfortable “Empty Easy” jar, perfect to avoid waste during the stage of extraction of product.

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We choose and pick up the olives to the right point of maturation. To guarantee a perfect preservation we keep them in brine until the time of processing and only at that point we proceed with pitting the olives with a special procedure. Anything of olive is thrown away and the excess pulp is reduced in cream to be then packaging in extra virgin olive oil.
It’s a great idea to spread on tartine in occasion of tasty aperitif.

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