Liguria, land to live



deep roots ties for 30 years the company to this wonderful strip of earth

The Alberti oil company was founded more than thirty years ago in Imperia, a small town overlooking the western Ligurian coast framed between the sea and the Maritime Alps, with the vision of making the fine Ligurian products known in Italy and around the world.


The Alberti family, made up of its founder Remo with his sons Angelica and Edoardo and the historic partner Giancarlo Lupi, has chosen to believe in the quality of the products of their land and build their project in the heart of the Ligurian Riviera.


Alberti has always been synonymous with quality, passion and tradition in the awareness that this wonderful strip of land is able to offer a remarkable food and wine heritage based on the Taggiasca olive from which the sublime DOP Riviera Ligure extra virgin olive oil and Genoese DOP basil, essential ingredient to produce the most famous sauce in the world: Pesto.


A careful selection of raw materials and an accurate processing of the same are the reasons why the company has established itself over time as a reference point for the supply of high quality products.


To maintain a deep respect towards our customers and the values ​​of the constitution (tradition, territory and excellence), it was necessary to base its business on respect for nature and traditions, where support for the farm and constant listening to entire families and generations in love with their land, has allowed traditional quality products to be placed on the tables of its customers.


Alberti’s secret lies right here, “We talk about future holding hands with tradition“.

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Via Argine Destro F. Scajola, 549 – 18100 Imperia (IM)
Riviera Ligure di Ponente, Italy
tel +39 0183274858 – fax +39 0183299415

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