Box with Ligurian sauce and pasta

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1 Jar of Ligurian Pesto of DOP Genoese Basil 170 gr
1 Jar of Red Pesto of DOP Genoese Basil 170 gr
1 bag of Trofie 500 gr
1 bag of Croxetti 500 gr

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– Ligurian Pesto of DOP Genoese Basil: produced respecting the ancient and classic Ligurian recipe. The main ingredients are the Genoese basil D.O.P. (only leaves and without stem), extra virgin olive oil, grana cheese and pecorino cheese, garlic.
Unpasteurized product.
– Red Pesto of DOP Genoese Basil: Tasty pesto with an intense and deep flavor, in which the Genoese DOP basil, sun-dried tomatoes of the Mediterranean and extra-virgin olive oil are perfectly mixed.
– Trofie: The Trofie is a typical Ligurian pasta made with a hard, thin, curled durum wheat semolina which traditionally is served with Genoese basil Pesto.
– Croxetti: Typical pasta of the Ligurian tradition. Excellent with walnut sauce, mushroom sauce (Tocco de funzi) or with pesto.

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